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A First-of-its-Kind Leadership Development Book: That’s A Great Question

That's A Great Question: Provocative Questions. Practical Results “That’s a great question,” the CEO said.
The two of us were in the middle of our monthly coaching session.
It was a stiletto moment. I’d pierced the heart of the CEO’s issue with a great question.

That’s A Great Question is a must-read book for leaders and CEOs that contains 500+ provocative questions that probe 18 compelling topics the successful people Greg Bustin works with examine regularly.

Provocative questions. They provide an opportunity for us to ponder issues we’ve taken for granted, never considered or purposefully ignored. Each question represents an opportunity to help you understand what matters most to you in order to take action, increase your effectiveness, and enhance your personal life. Practical results.

Excerpt from Foreword

“It would be hard to imagine a better person to write about the art of asking impactful questions than Greg Bustin. Asking questions that penetrate to the heart of the matter is a leader’s obligation and, in fact, one of a leader’s most significant contributions. You too can learn the art and value of question-asking from a master practitioner.”
Rafael Pastor
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Vistage International

Why Questions Matter

Provocative questions matter because they:

  • Bring clarity to purpose, decisions and tasks
  • Foster innovation
  • Enhance problem-solving abilities
  • Strengthen trust
  • Improve listening skills
  • Build confidence and grow careers
  • Improve organizational and and individual performance

High-performing leaders create an environment where questions – especially tough questions – are welcomed, asked and answered before decisions are made and after results are produced.

How to Use This Book

Start with the chapter on Purpose. After that, feel free to skip around. You can also use this book with your team at work or any other group that wants to pinpoint what matters most, sharpen purpose, affirm values and drive results.

Advance Reviews on the Book

"Bustin helps leaders recognize one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools available today in business and life…asking great questions."
Rob Grand-Lienard, President and CEO, Special Products & Mfg., Inc.

"Don't let this little book fool you. Greg has managed to pack an intense mental workout in this small package. Reflection on these questions will improve every aspect of my life and work."
Fran McCann, President, Polk Mechanical Company, LLC

Early Reviews

“Even after you answer the difficult question, Greg has always treated me like an onion peeling back layers until you get to something that really stinks. Thanks.”
Jason Needleman, CEO, Peacock Alley

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