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Strategic Planning Facilitator:
Two-Day Planning Sessions

As a strategic planning consultant, Greg facilitates two-day planning sessions to help leaders discover opportunities for profitable growth and bottom-line efficiencies. Simple yet powerful, the written plan brings laser-like focus to who’s doing what by when for what expected results.

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Planning Session Benefits

Greg Bustin combines real world experiences, relevant case studies and practical approaches that add immediate value. And he does it with wit, energy and humor that keeps everyone engaged and learning. Bustin & Co.’s strategic planning process helps you:

  • Drive accountability in the workplace by pinpointing the 5 most significant factors leading to your next level of success.
  • Achieve alignment among the leadership team that will commit to implementing your strategic plan.
  • Apply fresh insights and strategic planning tools to generate the results you expect.

Client Testimonials

"Greg facilitated what I consider the most important, productive strategic planning meeting in our history. We are very excited about our ‘roadmap’ to our future."
Edward Hansen, Chief Financial Officer, MetroPak USA

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Thoughts on Planning

“The biggest problem that most smaller businesses have is they don’t have a plan. Greg’s process of developing a plan is simple – which is exactly as it should be.”
Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, Managing General Partner of private equity firm CIC Partners, and former President of Pizza Hut

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Our Blog on Planning

Check out Greg Bustin’s post: “Plans are Useless.”

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