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Bustin & Co. has assisted the CEOs and leaders of the following companies through strategic planning, leadership development workshops and executive development coaching. Greg Bustin is the author of four powerful leadership books.

  • Action Stainless
  • Alon Brands
  • Alstom
  • Armstrong Forensic Labs
  • Barnsco

    "The 2009 planning session Greg led was huge for our company. His process provided a simple but powerful framework for accountability. Greg is leading our 2010 planning session."

    Jeff Barnes, CEO, Barnsco
  • Builders Blinds
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Buchanan Technologies

    “Greg has created an excellent strategic planning and execution tool for leaders who are serious about improving their performance. His book could be called ‘The CEO’s Survival Handbook’ because it’s loaded with great information, practical tools and powerful exercises that help leaders and their teams wrestle with change as they move toward success. It’s all here. He’s saved leaders a bunch of time.“

    Jim Buchanan, CEO, Buchanan Technologies
  • Burger King Corp.
  • C1S Group
  • CapitalOne Bank
  • Casey Industrial
  • Col-Met Spray Booths
  • Delta Companies

    “Greg nails this one! This book is a practical tool for getting your team informed, aligned and motivated. Unlike long stories and fables, this book leaves the business jargon behind and provides pure protein to readers. Greg has put so much into this book it’s like reading a dozen books at once. I can’t wait to share with my team tomorrow. For those who have never had a strategic plan, it’s a must do!”

    Jeff Bowling, CEO, The Delta Companies
  • Douglas Distributing
  • Ericsson
  • Estes, McClure & Associates
  • eVox
  • Exalt Printing
  • Fellowship Technologies
  • Fort Worth Zoo
  • Imperial Insurance
  • Integrity Integration Resources

    “I’ve participated in four other strategic planning sessions, and have always come away disappointed. Greg’s approach to planning engaged our team and has changed our company for the better. Our team now knows the goals, what it takes to accomplish them and is committed to achieving them. We’ve outperformed our best year by 250% as a result of a better focus on execution. I’m a big fan of Greg’s.”

    Jerry Smith, CEO, Integrity Integration Resources
  • InsterState Threaded Products
  • Just Brakes
  • Label Systems
  • MetroPak USA

    "Greg facilitated what I consider the most important, productive strategic planning meeting in our history. We are very excited about our ‘roadmap’ to our future."

    Edward Hansen, Chief Financial Officer, MetroPak USA
  • Michael Burns & Associates
  • MoneyGram International
  • Mrs Baird's Bakeries
  • Nevill Business Solustions

    “Greg’s book inspires action because it helps leaders see their plan more clearly and understand how best to bring their people along with them. His book is like a magnificent golf course and each chapter is like playing one spectacular hole after another – it is inspiring and motivating. I recommend having a pad and pen handy – I have notes on every page.”

    Reed Melnick, CEO, Nevill Business Solutions
  • Nextel Communications
  • Nucor Building Systems

    “We’ve worked with Greg on a number of occasions, and he always delivers meaningful content in a positive style that engages our team to think differently about the value we deliver to our customers.”

    Ray Napolitan, President, American Building Systems and Vice President, Nucor Corp.
  • OGE Energy Corp.
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    “The simplicity and clarity about mission, vision, strategy and key action items have already provided faster and better results than the strategic plan developed 5 years ago.”

    John Palms, CEO, Bibbentuckers, Chairman, OLPH Foundation
  • PBM Printing
  • Parrent's Painting
  • Peacock Alley
  • Pella Corporation

    “Winning organizations and individuals are pioneers that lead the way by continuously improving the products and services they offer their customers. Greg Bustin’s book is all about discovering what works and then staying focused on implementing it. We’ve certainly benefited from Greg’s expertise in this area.”

    Luis Davila, General Manager, Pella Corporation
  • Pepsi-Cola Company
  • Polk Mechanical, LLP

    "Greg has been instrumental in helping both our executive team and our front line managers achieve alignment on our company’s purpose and vision for the future. We walked away from our planning session with a clearly articulated value proposition and specific objectives to implement that will enable us to achieve our full potential."

    Fran McCann, President, Polk Mechanical Company
  • Principal Technology Engineering
  • Professional Retail Store Maintenance Assoc.

    "Greg helped our Board gain consensus on the future and move forward with a great sense of accomplishment."

    Patricia Dameron, Executive Director, PRSM Association
  • ProjecTools
  • Pizza Hut

    "The biggest problem that most smaller businesses have is they don’t have a plan. Greg’s process of developing a plan is simple – which is exactly as it should be."

    Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, Managing General Partner of private equity firm CIC Partners, and former President of Pizza Hut
  • Rasa Floors
  • RealManage
  • Ridge Property Trust
  • RJ Byrd Executive Search
  • Signature Millwork
  • SMU, Cox School of Business
  • Snelling Staffing Services
  • Southwest Media Group

    “Lead The Way is a must read for CEOs that want to play at the top of their game. Greg lays it all out in a step-by-step process to help leadership teams develop, execute and measure winning performance.”

    Bob Nichol, CEO, Southwest Media Group
  • SPM

    "Bustin helps leaders recognize one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools available today in business and life…asking great questions."

    Rob Grand-Lienard, President and CEO, Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
  • SSG Ltd.
  • StartKleen
  • Stetson Hats
  • The Structure Group, LLC
  • Swiss American Products
  • Tamlin Software
  • TXU

    "Greg has written a winner. It’s readable, practical and memorable."

    Erle Nye, Chairman Emeritus, TXU
  • Trammell Crow Company
  • Trinity Valley Foods
  • Universal Conversion Technologies

    “Greg Bustin helped our management team develop a 5-year strategic and operational plan. While I had some product questions and operational issues that I wanted to address, and we did, the planning sessions went much further because of Greg’s planning process and experience.”

    Dan O'Hara, CEO, Universal Conversion Technologies
  • University Park United Methodist Church

    "Greg helped lead a strategic planning initiative in our church and was able to challenge long-held beliefs in a collaborative effort that made everyone involved feel ownership in the resulting plan. We’re now reaping the benefits."

    John Jenkins, Partner, Macfarlan, Building Committee Chair, University Park United Methodist Church
  • VCP International
  • Water Features by Greenscape

    "I was impressed with Greg's process. The value he brought was forcing us to focus on a few critical priorities that will significantly affect our company's objectives. Our team came out of our planning session serious about what needs to be done and each person's role in accomplishing it. We’re gearing up for 2010 and Greg will again lead the way."

    Deb Chapman, CEO, Water Features by Greenscape
  • WCI
  • Wilson Electric

    "I commend you for so effectively facilitating our strategic planning session with 160 of our leaders. Though the group was large, each person left energized and knowing that their voice was heard. We left with a solid list of the input we needed from our employees. We appreciate all of your help."

    Todd Klimas, Chief Operating Officer, Wilson Electric