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Greg Bustin's strategic management books combine personal experience, real world examples, tools and checklists for driving yourself and your business to new levels of success.

Does our culture crave accountability or avoid it?
Greg's new book reveals how the world’s most successful companies outperform their competition.

Accountability: The Key to Driving a
High-Performance Culture.

Accountability is one of the biggest challenges business leaders face, but it can also be one of the most important factors leading to success. This groundbreaking book explains why and how. Read more about Greg's book here.

"Great leaders understand that talented people thrive in a culture where accountability is a support system for success. What makes this book different is that Greg Bustin connects the intellectual component of accountability to the heart and soul of an organization. If you’re looking for new ways to drive accountability and improve individual and organizational performance, read this book"
Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“Powerful. Greg Bustin demonstrates with example after example that a culture where accountability is embraced and not feared gives savvy leaders a secret weapon.” 
Bill Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer, H&R Block 

“Greg Bustin introduces a new approach to accountability that can be a game-changer for leaders. As a CEO and a Vistage Chair, he is an authority on accountability, and his book is packed with new ideas, powerful exercises, and proven practices to improve performance.” 
Leon Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Vistage International 

“Accomplished leaders build and sustain brand loyalty by delivering on their promises. Greg Bustin’s insights and examples from leaders of the world’s most admired companies on the topic of accountability are a treasure trove of best practices to help you and your team consistently deliver on your brand promise.” 
Ashley Sheetz, Chief Marketing Officer, GameStop 

“Accountability is too often considered a bad word. Greg gets it right by focusing not on promises made or broken, but on the relationships we build to earn trust with our coworkers. This book will help you do it!” 
Paul Spiegelman, Chief Culture Officer of Stericycle, author of the New York Times bestselling Patients Come Second 

“Companies everywhere are looking for ways to improve performance and their competitive position. Much of the time, this can come from simply doing the basics well. In Accountability, Greg Bustin defines and explains accountability in a way that is easily understood and translated into day-to-day actions. Accountability truly is the cultural infrastructure required to drive high levels of corporate performance.” 
Paul Eisman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alon USA 

“Accountability is one of the most important mindsets in leadership. Greg Bustin understands it and knows how to translate his understanding into action.” 
Mike Rawlings, Mayor, City of Dallas; former President of Pizza Hut

“Greg Bustin really strikes a leadership chord with Accountability. His thoughtful insights and real-world examples will equip leaders to achieve new levels of success. I’m a better leader for having read this book.” 
Mark W. Schortman, Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottlers Sales & Services, LLC 

Greg Bustin’s Thought-Provoking Book,

That’s A Great Question: Provocative Questions. Practical Results.

This leadership challenge book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding what matters most to take action, increase effectiveness and get practical results. This book contains more than 500 provocative questions that probe 18 compelling topics the successful people Greg works with examine regularly to help them improve business performance…and get more of what they want out of their life. Read more about Greg's latest leadership book.

"It would be hard to imagine a better person to write about the art of asking impactful questions than Greg Bustin. You too can learn the art and value of question-asking from a master practitioner."
Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Vistage International

“Even after you answer the difficult question, Greg has always treated me like an onion peeling back layers until you get to something that really stinks. Thanks.”
Jason Needleman, CEO, Peacock Alley

“Don't let this little book fool you. Greg has managed to pack an intense mental workout in this small package. Reflection on these questions will improve every aspect of my life and work.”
Fran McCann, President, Polk Mechanical Company, LLC

Now Available on Kindle!

Lead The Way

Lead The Way is a strategic planning book that examines the benefits of planning, provides a simple, proven process for developing a concise, easy-to-understand written plan and supplies the strategic planning tools and approaches to ensure accountability in the workplace and improve business performance.

“Lead The Way is full of proven strategies to plan, organize and lead.”
Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO, The Container Store

“Greg provides an effective blueprint for any business seeking to separate itself from the pack. Moving beyond books that seek solely to inspire, Greg provides a practical guide along with proven processes that prompt leaders to ask critical questions and challenge themselves to improve individual and organizational performance.”
David E. Alexander, Vice Chair and Southwest Area Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

“Greg Bustin has written a valuable book against which a CEO or senior leader can compare his or her organization’s planning process. Greg offers a very thorough step-by-step process for planning, for gaining insight and follow-through which will lead to an organization’s success.”

Ebby Halliday, Chairman, Ebby Halliday REALTORS

Take Charge!

Take Charge! is a strategic management book that provides calls to action, guidelines, and universal principles for embracing change. It’s written from the front lines of business and combines humor, real-life anecdotes, case studies and insights from history’s greatest leaders.

"Greg’s advice is simple, yet proven and practical.  His management knowledge and successful experience in helping organizations solve their problems make this book an excellent guide for all members of corporate leadership teams.”
H.J. “Jerry” Dalton, Brigadier General, USAF (retired)

“Greg’s book is very timely and offers fresh ideas that will be of great value to leaders in these changing times.”
Ebby Halliday, Chairman, Ebby Halliday Realtors

“Greg has written a winner. It’s readable, practical and memorable.”
Erle Nye, Chairman Emeritus, TXU

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